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Forever Talents

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Lawyer and artistic producer based in Miami for 25 years.


En Modo Nanci Guerrero

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Two Guerreros in Miami!

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Nanci Guerrero and Dr. Eduardo Perez


Dr. Eduardo Perez Guerrero and Jorge Calandrelli

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The New Nanci

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Nanci Guerrero and her position against "harassment".


From the hand of Eduardo Pérez Guerrero and

Forever Talents

Women empower themselves in Miami.


"Forever Talents" announced the search for new talent

to perform shows in Miami

The production company “Forever Talents”, led by Dr. Eduardo Perez Guerrero, announced the search for new established talents to work and perform shows in Miami. Perez Guerrero is an Argentinean lawyer and artistic producer, but has been based in Miami for more than 25 years; he has a successful and outstanding career at national and international level.

Among the talents under Pérez Guerrero’s direction in Miami are his wife Nanci Guerrero, the very famous “Trio los Panchos”, Karol Sevilla, Coki Ramírez, Fátima Flórez, Barbie Vélez, boxing champion Yésica Bopp, the “Quinteto Revolucionario”, the vocal group “Las Flores Negras”, the soccer player Franco Cángele, the pianist and record producer Dany Vila, the tango singers Mario Centeno and Cristian Palacios, the folkloric ballet “La Tropilla Malambo”, the spiritual leader Claudio María Domínguez, the ballet “Aéream”.

Pero además de eso, Gurrero traerá figuras de Chile como el cómico Luky Buzzio (Pichulotote), Jorge Alis, el fisioterapeuta Adrián Andrades Galaz, el locutor José Miguel Viñuela, la campeona de pole dance, Claudia Concha.

“We are preparing the launching of the new book of the Argentine-American lawyer Luciano Stanzione, and the editorial launching of a new magazine, “Miami en modo Nanci Guerrero”, collateral of her show broadcasted by Telefé International, under the direction of Martín Bal, as you will see, we cover all the areas”, said proud Pérez Guerrero.

They all work under the rigorous supervision of the road manager, Dr. Gabriela Pisto’s company, who informed that they are still looking for talents to start a series of shows in the United States. “This sum of talents allows us to have a first class production company of which we are proud and which offers us an enormous variety of profiles that satisfy the tastes of the public”, said Gurrero.

Forever Talents was born from the need to add this 360 business unit for events and productions and is characterized by a diversity of impressive artists. Among the main services of the multimedia company are the realization of events, video clips, musical and theatrical productions, radio and television content, press and social networks, and various commercial and legal management of the different talents.

“At this moment we are waiting for the arrival of Ricardo Fort’s production team to intervene in the series, we have been contacted by the general producer Eddie Fitte for the realization of the series here in Miami, in reference to the fact that I was his producer friend and Fort’s contact in the city of Miami”, expressed Guerrero.

Finally, he added: “Diversification has been one of the pillars of the company that has gone hand in hand with globalization. At Forever Talents we represent prominent athletes, renowned professional lawyers, speakers, actresses and the top names in music as always.

The company is already putting the finishing touches on the live shows they will be doing in Miami soon, with 100 percent sold out theaters and the realization of the tours that audiences and artists have come to expect. “We will continue to look for talents to present them in Miami and the rest of the United States,” concluded Gabriela Pisto.

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